Brietta Klein

How old are you and where are you from? 23 from San Diego

How long have you lived in San Diego and what brought you here? I grew up here!

Why did you choose fitness as a career? Fitness and health are values I practice and develop throughout several areas of life. This means I also love to see others value their fitness and chase after it. I decided to get fully educated and involved in leading others to meet these goals. 

When did you start coaching at the gym? July 2020

Why did you choose Evolve Fit Studio for employment? Evolve Fit Studio maintains an atmosphere and community that I had never seen before. I love seeing everyone work hard consistently and push each other every day.

What do you hope to accomplish with someone when coaching? Whether groups or individuals, I want everyone I work with to feel confident in what they've been taught and coached to do. This means workouts will be effective, fun, and efficient.

Describe your own personal philosophies with fitness and nutrition? Building up strength while maintaining an overall healthy body and mind. For me, this doesn't mean counting every calorie, though I will do it when needed, but finding workouts and activities that I enjoy to keep moving!

Favorite Exercise? Pistol squats

Most hated exercise? Bo's assault bikes 

Favorite Color? Soft blue

Favorite Food? Sushi