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What Is Evolve Fit Studio

Located in Scripps Ranch, Evolve Fit Studio is San Diego's premier small group training facility. Named best group training by Union Tribunes A-List, Evolve Fit Studio Instructors provide a workout program that is diverse and physically challenging. Instrucors provide challenging yet fun classes that help each individual evolve at their own pace, learn and improve their abilities across all areas of fitness. Whether you're just off the couch or a lifelong fitness enthusiast.


EVOLVE FIT STUDIO'S community will welcome you with open arms. 

The best thing about Evolve, to me, is the cosy warm environment that takes the stress away from the strenuous workout that Coach Bo puts us through !! The diet plans are great and so are the workout routines - never boring, arduous but not unattainable!!! Try the place out - you won’t regret it !!

Mahasweta Sarkar

If you want a challenge, positive energy and encouragement, or if you are looking for a community of normal fun loving individuals that want to help each other reach their goals this is the place. Bo kicks your butt and you have fun doing it.

Michelle Mentlick Williams

I started because I was tired of trying all of these different diets and did not like going to the larger gyms. I needed some guidence on how to workout and change my eating for a healthier lifestyle because I am getting older and started worrying about my weight and health. I love this gym and program because Coach Bo and Coach Tonya are very supportive, helpful and do not judge based of fitness level. They work with you and make sure you are learning and getting the results. They challenge you and motivate you so keep pushing yourself. All of the other members are very supportive as well and I never feel judged by anyone. I have accomplished things I didn't think possible and now look forward to going to the gym. Thank you with all my heart!

Deborah Paul

Member since mid May 2018 and I love the community here at this gym. Great workouts with a great mix of strength and cardio. Bo does a great job of adjusting the workouts to the needs of individual client upping the ante when the client needs an extra push or modifying if a client is nursing an injury. His nutrition plans WORK and are easy to follow. I was already pretty lean when I joined and have dropped 5% body fat and am stronger than I have ever been. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Freddie Blood

It is a bit difficult for me to write this review without tearing up. I sought out Bo before having a major surgery last June. I was terrified to go under anesthesia knowing what bad shape I had let myself get in. Bo was supportive, non-judgmental, funny, and most of all challenging. At 59 years old, I was still a strong women, capable of lifting weights and moving my body, but I was severely overweight and out of shape. Fast forward to 1 year of training, I am -65 pounds, I am stronger, able to run, I can lift weights much heavier than most women my age, I can flip tires,push heavy sleds, and much, much more. I can push myself, I am never shamed for modifying an exercise to fit my physical/age needs, only supported for trying to do the exercise. I have made friends, I have challenged myself, and others, and my husband, and two sons have even come along for the ride! Bo, you're an amazing coach, a wonderful human being, and friend. I am lucky to have found "Evolve", and would recommend this facility to anyone wanting to change their lifestyle and get in the best shape of your life. I am 60 and I feel fabulous!

Mara Boras-Gedanken

For those who aren’t interested in talking about getting fit and are there to just do it. It’s a place full of committed, action oriented folks. It’s a family that has your back in and out of the workouts.

Mayumi Young

When I started there I had a 1 year old at home. I was still breastfeeding and recovering from back pain from a c section. It wasn't easy at first but I achieved my goal of getting healthy and getting my strength back. For that I will forever be grateful. So if you're thinking about joining there is no more perfect time other than now.

Rosemary Reed

More than just a gym where you can get a great workout and outstanding nutrition advice. No, here there is family and Bo does an amazing job tailoring the workouts to find the different levels of his clients. I been coming here for more than a year now and the transformation I see in my body, fitness and overall health is amazing. It’s a really fun place to be. The different workouts make it so much fun, Saturday’s at the beach or stairs or on the track and Friday nights for ultimate frisbee. Truly a great experience that I would recommend to anyone!

Paul Gurrola

Highly recommend this gym! The nutrition plan was the clincher for me It’s has been a true blessing & has definitely changed my lifestyle! Trust me when I say Bo Knows! Trust the process.

Brian Laurente

This is a gym that helps you produce results. Motivated trainers and trainees challenge each other so that goals are met. No egos, no excuses, and no fluff, just results.

Robert J Shoaf

Great gym, great workouts, great people, community atmosphere. I'm sticking around!

Chris Garten

For over a year now Bo has been my trainer, he became my mentor and I’m glad to call him friend. BO took his vision and his gym and made it real! Every workout is challenging and makes you dig to the next level while you are laughing or cursing! Lol I’m proud to be apart of the Evolve Nutrition and Fitness family. It has made my time while stationed here in SD great! One might say it’s just a gym, but Evolve is more! It’s a way of life!

Tonya Richter

Years and Years I struggle to lose 5-10lbs Amazing that in just 6 weeks full of fun/healthy eating/boost physical appearance/high self-esteem/ and lose 22lbs ! With Bo and Evolve Nutrition & Fitness I was able to do that !!!

Rami Fathy

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