Coach Bo - Owner 

Coach Bo Began his training career while serving in the united states navy as a commander fitness leader, where he was responsible for developing and implementing nutrition and training protocols. In 2011, coach Bo decided to honorably separate from the Navy to continue to begin a career in health and wellness in the civilian sector. Since then, Coach Bo with Evolve Fit Studio has become one of the most sought-after training facilities in San Diego. Coach Bo has also won San Diego's A-List Best Trainer and best Boot-Camp Multiple Years as well as thumbtacks top trainer award. 


Brietta is an enthusiast for all kinds of fitness. With seven years of strength-training experience, she enjoys incorporating various sports and activities to complement her technical work within the gym. Taking these basic elements of fitness, Brietta coaches any level trainee who is ready to get moving! Along with the team at Evolve Fit Studio, Brietta will keep you accountable to conquer your health goals.

Dr. Matthew Perry 

Doctor Matt is our in-house physical therapist. 

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