Our Crew.

Our mission is to provide fun, effective, long-lasting, non-intimidating and safe fitness and health plans tailored to reach individual goals, enhance sports performance, as well as to motivate, provide knowledge, skills, guidance and support in order to evoke change towards a healthier, balanced and enhanced quality of life.

Our Team.

Coach Bo

Coach Bo (aka Bo Knows) began his training career while serving in the United States Navy as a Command Fitness Leader. Where he was responsible for developing and implementing nutrition and training protocals for service members. In 2011, Coach Bo decided to Honorably separate from the United States Navy to continue to begin a career in Health and Wellness in the civilian sector. Since then Coach Bo and Evolve Nutrition & Fitness have become one of the most sought training facilities in San Diego. Coach Bo is a multiple time winner of San Diego’s A-List Best Trainer and Best Boot-camp Award as well as Thumbtacks Top Trainer award.

Coach Tonya

Coach Tonya became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2008 after discovering her passion for helping others. Coach Tonya like many of our member is a military wife and mother of 3 who has successfully completed Coach Bo’s 6 Week Challenge. Which allows Coach Tonya to relate to our members who struggle with the work, home, and self-care balance.