What can i expect?
The great thing about our workouts is you never know what to expect. Not only do we leave you guessing, but also your body. The workouts never let your body get in a comfort zone. Our training session are exciting, challenging and fun, they are not like any other session you have taken, they leave you exhausted but exhilarated.

Will i see results?
You will feel results immediately, but you will most likely see your results within 2 or 3 weeks of starting the program.
You will:
1. Lose weight: about 2 pounds a week, without fad diets
2. Tone muscles in the fastest time possible
3. Look your best and feel better than ever
4. Increase energy and become a calorie burning machine
5. See real results that last
6. Make great friends and have fun!!

Is this the right program for me?
Evolve Nutrition & Fitness is for all ages and abilities. Don’t be intimidated, you will be surprised how far you will come in a short amount of time and how many different men, women and children of all abilities are currently thriving in our programs. From first timers working out and grandmothers, to elite athletes, all workouts are designed for you. We have modifications for all the exercises and you will never be left behind. We will help you find your level and respect your limits.
All coaches are well versed in exercise science and exercise modifications and will help you in any way possible. We have three levels of exertion:
1. Balance: is the low impact version of an exercise. This is for anyone who is new to our program. Typical heart rate zone: 120- 140. Low impact does not mean doggin’ it!
2. Strength: is the next level up from Balance. To make any exercise harder or more intense you need to add speed or weight. So strength is the aerobic phase of our workouts. Typical heart rate zone: 130-160.
3. Conditioning/ Cardio Vascular Training: is the highest level of exertion. To reach this phase you are working hard, adding speed, intensity or weight. Typical heart rate zone: 160- 190 max.

Where do i go with other questions or concerns?
We very much appreciate any comments and really want to hear your concerns. The only way we can make a truly great program is to hear from you. Please email or call us anytime! We appreciate you and your business so thank you for being part of our family!! email us at info@evolvenutritionandfitness.com

Instructor qualifications
We hold high standards for our Trainer. All coaches are required to hold a nationally recognized personal training certification as well as be first aid & CPR certified.

What are the pricing options?
Quality is worth the price. However, we understand that everyone’s budget is different. That is why we offer multiple personal training packages. Call for details at 858.344.5894

What if i need to get out of my commitment?
We hold high standards for our Trainer. All coaches are required to hold a nationally recognized personal training certification as well as be first aid & CPR certified.

What if i need to take a break while?
Evolve Nutrition & Fitness offers a 1 month suspension of your account. Unless deemed as a medical necessity for a longer period of suspension (Doctor must provide a letterhead) After 1 month your account will be closed and any remaining session will be lost.

Do i need a gym membership?
No! Our facility is free to use whenever you’d like to workout with the purchase of a training package. This allows you free access to yoga, spin, and Pilates classes as well as a racquetball court.

I’ve tried every diet on the market and nothing seems to work. How can you help me?
With years of personal experience and diet specific programs that monitor caloric intake vs. calories burned, our licensed nutritionist can provide you with the expertise to guide you through your journey of changing your eating choices for a lifetime. You will leave our program feeling secure that quality eating habits have been established for a lifetime!

I’ve heard lifting weights makes women big and bulky. Is this true?
Unless you are a woman taking anabolic steroids, 99.9% of women do not have the hormones necessary to create “male/bulky” muscle. Most women who begin intense resistance training may see their arms grow larger at first. This is due to muscle being developed under the already existing layer of fat, which can lead to the misunderstanding that “my arms are getting huge!” However, with consistency and determination, along with the correct exercise program designed by your trainer, you can eventually shed off the unwanted fat and change your body composition so that your arms achieve your desired tone.

How soon can i expect weight loss?
There are actually two issues in this question. The first issue is a misconception that pounds lost on the scale equate to being more healthy or looking great. Unfortunately, many people buy into this thought process and try to cut weight through starvation methods of all types. In reality, what they’ve accomplished is a decomposition of their lean muscle mass. In turn, the lack of lean muscle will eventually allow for fat to be gained. Hence, the yo- yo effect; people gaining the weight back after the weight loss. Consequently, when an our Trainers helps a client replace undesirable fat with lean muscle, their weight might not change as much as the drastic transformation of their body shape. The second issue is time. Depending on the goal set, your condition at baseline and the discipline to follow the guidance of an Iron Orr Fitness Trainer, will determine how soon you will get to your goal.